Numerous buildings, roads, squares and canals show the work and signature of our company in recent years. A great number of interesting and ambitious building contracts have seen completion in the last twenty odd years — not all are listed here. An excerpt of construction activity from Aust EKS Bau AG in Schloßvippach provides an overview of reference building sites.

Total turnover in recent years is as follows:

  • 2015 approx 6.9 million euro
  • 2016 approx 7.1 million euro
  • 2017 approx 6.6 million euro

Straßen & Tiefbau, Steinsetzerarbeiten in Beton & in Naturstein

Beton- und Mauerwerksbau

Pipeline construction

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Road Construction

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Machines and Equipment

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Maschinen und Geräte
Utility Lines Construction
Reinforced Concrete Construction

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Small Orders

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